St. Patrick’s Day children’s ebook $.99

Please join me in celebrating children’s holiday books by taking a look at one of mine! I’m putting my St. Patrick’s Day book on sale through Monday, March 5th “Will Sparks be found? Can one be jinxed by a leprechaun? … Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day children’s ebook $.99

Cyber Monday Children’s Ebooks 99c

Today I’ve joined the Cyber Monday hype and joined in on a children’s author Group Deal. Each of us is offering an ebook for just 99c. There’s a little something for everyone here: mystery, fantasy, sci-fi, comedy, adventure, and more. … Continue reading Cyber Monday Children’s Ebooks 99c

Free Multi-Genre Ebooks

If you are a bookworm, and especially if you’re an ebookworm, (did I just coin that? probably not), you may have noticed that a lot of authors are giving away their ebooks for free these days. Many are doing so in conjunction with other authors – it’s the power of numbers. They, or should I say, we, are asking only for a no-obligation, what-you-could-even-call a ‘trial subscription’, to our email lists, in exchange for the free ebooks. I have taken part in many of these group giveaways recently, and have been, quite frankly, ecstatic at the number of new subscribers … Continue reading Free Multi-Genre Ebooks