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If you are a bookworm, and especially if you’re an ebookworm, (did I just coin that? probably not), you may have noticed that a lot of authors are giving away their ebooks for free these days. Many are doing so in conjunction with other authors – it’s the power of numbers. They, or should I say, we, are asking only for a no-obligation, what-you-could-even-call a ‘trial subscription’, to our email lists, in exchange for the free ebooks.

I have taken part in many of these group giveaways recently, and have been, quite frankly, ecstatic at the number of new subscribers I’ve gotten from them. So I know it’s a strategy that’s working, to get ‘new eyes’ on our work. It’s really kind of a win / win for authors and for readers though (refer to the aforementioned word ‘free’).

Anyway, I’d like to let you know about two different promos that I’m participating in right now that might be of interest to you. You all have heard me talk just plenty about my Rosco the Rascal books, and many of you wonderful people have bought, read and reviewed them, so I’m not telling you about these to offer you my book, although it is included in the promos.

I’m telling you about these for two reasons: 1. I won’t lie. I agreed to share these promotions with my followers just as all of the other authors are doing the same with theirs, (refer to ‘the power of numbers’ above), and 2. You might really find something you like here. After all, we are talking FREE.

The first promotion is…

This first one only runs only from June 1-15, 2017 and was put together by a group of environmental authors of nonfiction, who decided to open up the promo to fiction authors whose books in some way celebrate nature, the great outdoors, wildlife, natural resources, or related subjects. There are many books here for adults and several for children. Here is the link:



The second promotion is…

This one will be running a while longer (no end date as yet) and new books are consistently being added. But don’t wait on it, because at some point some of these may be removed to make room for other books.

Not only does this one offer children’s and middle grade books, it also offers hundreds of titles for adults in many genres and is not filtered by any particular theme. So check it out, too!


Prolific Reader Children’s Books link:

Prolific Reader All other genres:
Scroll down just a little to see the lists.

Once you subscribe to an author’s email list and download a book, we authors really appreciate if you give it a try and see if you like the message / the work / the ebook; maybe read the first few emails from the author, and unsubscribe if you find it’s not the right fit. Often the ebooks being given away are the first in a series, so it’s a way to introduce you to our series at no cost to you.

Anyway, thanks for reading. I hope you find something you like! Please let me and other readers here know of any other such free ebook opportunities below. Feel free to include those links 🙂


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