Holiday Books: Three Free Ebooks

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In the spirit of the holidays, I’ve got an offer here, some early Christmas gifts, you might say, from best-selling middle grade author Justin Johnson. He’s not asking for your email address in exchange for free ebooks–he’s just offering free ebooks! Each book page at the links below includes the prologue of the story in its entirety. If you enjoy those, you can download the ebook! Merry Christmas from Justin Johnson, and let’s get those kids reading this weekend!

The Night Nothing Went Right: 

Download Link:

Grade 1 and Up | Ages 6-12 

The List Was Set…Or So They Thought

But it seems an elf named Tiny has made a terrible mistake. A mistake that threatens to undo everything Santa has worked for.

The Night Nothing Went Right is a fun and fast paced Christmas Adventure that will help get the whole family into the spirit of the Christmas season!

The Christmas Mix Up:

Download Link:

Grade 1 and Up | Ages 6-12 

What If You Were Put On the Naughty List?

One day, in the middle of a snowy Lincoln Street, Penelope Ann Dingman gets a letter that every kid dreads. It seems she’s been put on the naughty list. But she doesn’t know why.

With less than a week until Christmas, it’s a race against the clock for her as she travels to the North Pole in hopes of having a private meeting with ‘The Big Man’ to set things straight.

This is an exciting Christmas Adventure that will warm your hearts and get you ready for the holiday season!

Trip of a Lifetime:

Download Link:

Grade 2 and Up | Ages 7-12 

Space Travel…and Santa Claus!?!

Traveling to space is what Evan wants to do more than anything in the world. After all, he’s been to eight planets in nine years and would love nothing more than to get to all nine before Christmas morning. But when he decides to go against his parents’ wishes in a space ship that’s shaky at best, he finds himself in the last place he’d expect.

The Trip of a Lifetime is a holiday adventure that will have you and your children dreaming of sugar plum fairies and looking at the North Pole in new and exciting ways as you get ready for the Christmas Season.

Justin Johnson is the author of the #1 Amazon Best Selling stories Farty Marty and Grade School Super Hero. He has also written many other popular stories including, The Trip of a Lifetime, The Jungle, Zack and Zebo, and Coby Collins.


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