Q&A With Children’s Author Sally Huss

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Please welcome children’s author and illustrator, the lovely Sally Huss, to the Reading Room today.

Q. Thanks for joining us, Sally! I know that you write children’s picture books for all seasons and that you base many of them upon an inspirational message. I’d love to hear about what sort of theme you wrote for your St. Patrick’s Day book.

A. Thanks for having me, Shana. Glad to be here! I do indeed. The Little Leprechaun Who Loved Yellow is about following your heart.

I loved this little fellow as I wrote about him. He knew what he loved and wouldn’t be put off. That, of course, led to his difficulties or apparent difficulties. But it also led him to what he truly desired in his heart. That’s how life goes really… what we want in our hearts eventually finds its way into our lives. If one were to reflect on one’s life and the bright points in it, those gifts and blessings were always originally called for in the heart. I love that about life. The key is not to be distracted or disappointed, knowing that the heart always finds a way to our own gold… just like the little Leprechaun in this story.

By the way, this ebook is free to download from Amazon March 7-9th, 2018. So please give it a look, for FREE!

Q. That’s a great theme for a book, and it amazes me just how many books you’ve published! How did you start writing and illustrating books for children?

A. I’ve been writing and painting since I was a child and graduated with a degree in Fine Art from the University of Southern California.

After marrying my husband Marv, a top executive with Hallmark, I returned to art along with writing, creating several lines of greeting cards, clothing lines, ceramic lines, wallpaper for children, baby bib lines, purse lines and more. Presently I write and illustrate a King Features’ syndicated, inspirational panel for newspapers called HAPPY MUSINGS.


Together with my husband, we developed a line of Sally Huss Galleries across the country in the 1980’s. In the last few years I have devoted myself to writing, and of course, illustrating these books as well. You will find all of my books on Amazon.

I continue to paint commission works for homes, offices, and hotels and offer many of my prints on Fine Art America. These include gift prints, prints for children’s rooms and large contemporary landscapes.


You can find my books and my art at www.sallyhuss.com. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it.


You can follow Sally at these links:

Facebook  Twitter  Pinterest  Instagram

Thanks, as always, for reading!

Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Thanks.~Rosco’s Reading Room


  1. Thanks for a lovely post, Shana! It’s so great to read about other children’s authors, and Sally certainly has a wonderful array of children’s books available. I’ll reblog this post to my blog, Shana. Thanks for sharing! 💐💐

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