Q&A With Children’s Author Kristy Jo Volchko

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Please welcome the lovely and upbeat Kristy Jo Volchko, a multi-genre author, poet, and creator of the children’s adventure series Cackleberry Creek. (Kristy and I hit it off immediately, both being from my beloved hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.)

Author Kristy Jo Volchko

Q. Hi Kristy! Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your books.

A. Throughout my life I’ve had a wide variety of ‘careers’ and interests. However, the one thing that’s remained constant, from as far back as I can remember, is writing. Poetry, songs, jingles, short stories, letters, journaling- it’s always been part of my daily routine, like eating or breathing.

It was when my son left for Army training in 2009 that I began writing full time (best cure for empty nest). Ghost writing and guest blogging still left me hungry, so I ditched the French & belly dancing classes at CCAC (really) for a creative writing course.

Q. Tell us something about your greatest success.

A. When I lay my head down at night (or early morning), with a heart full of genuine gratitude, contentment, and joy, that’s my success. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and that’s a wonderful realization.

Q. What has been your biggest challenge?

A. Besides being grammatically challenged? I could fill a book with my challenges…but I’ll keep it light. I’d say commas, over-thinking, and good ole eye strain. Oh, and time…there simply isn’t enough.

Q. I’m right there with you on all of those things, unfortunately! What future plans do you have for your writing?

A. Promoting literacy and providing educational resources to those without access will always be a priority. This year my goal is to publish more in my name instead of under pseudonyms. Also, I’ve been working on doing my own illustrations. So far, they look nuts.

The Cackleberry Creek series

Operation Scrub-A-Dub Skunk
Davy Frog’s surprise birthday bash is a huge hit and everyone on the farm is there to celebrate! On the way to the party Lulu meets a lonesome critter and invites him to join the fun. Siggy is funky, spunky, but unfortunately a bit too skunky! No matter how funny or sweet he is, no one seems to want him around. Lulu and her pals are determined to help Siggy get rid of his bad odor and change his life for the better! Will Operation Scrub-A-Dub Skunk be a success? Or will this bunch learn some valuable lessons about compassion, compromise, and acceptance of each others’ differences?  A charmingly funny tale about friendship and compromise.

Q. Where can people keep up with you and buy your books?

A. Thanks for asking! For more information, you can find me at these links:

Purchase link for Operation Scrub-A-Dub Skunk

Purchase link for the other books in the series

Web site: http://www.kristyjovolchko.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KristyJoVolchko

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/krizmiz33

Amazon Author Central Page:

Blog: https://kristyjovolchko.wordpress.com

Please follow Kristy on social media and give her a Like or two!
Thanks for reading!





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