Rosco the Rascal Trick-or-Treats: a new short story

Hi readers, My favorite season is here–fall! And Halloween is right around the corner. And because my young readers have been asking me for a few years to write a Halloween story, I finally did! And guess what? I published … Continue reading Rosco the Rascal Trick-or-Treats: a new short story

Children’s Books for Presidents’ Day

Contrary to what many elementary school children think, we don’t celebrate President’s Day just so we can have four consecutive days off of school in the winter, although that is an added bonus for some. We celebrate this holiday to … Continue reading Children’s Books for Presidents’ Day

World Read Aloud Day, One Skype Visit at a Time

Please welcome UK author and guest blogger Sarah Weldon today, who will be discussing her efforts at promoting child literacy around the world. Her story is a fascinating study on how one person can make such a big difference in … Continue reading World Read Aloud Day, One Skype Visit at a Time

The New Face of Rosco the Rascal

Just wanted to introduce the new face of Rosco the Rascal. His new logo is in full color now but still depicts that smiling, sweet, tongue-out, happy German shepherd we know and love. Look for him and his upcoming adventures in the Rosco the Rascal series! This beautiful artwork was done by illustrator Josh Addessi. Below is the original logo for comparison. I love this illustration but the full-color one matches Rosco on the new covers of the books, so I needed to switch it up. This one was done by Ros Webb, the original illustrator of the series and … Continue reading The New Face of Rosco the Rascal

Adventures with Goodreads Giveaways

I’ve run GR Giveaways for all three of my books at various times since the first was published in September 2014, and usually I get a good response (300+ entries), a few GR Friends and Followers, and two or three reviews out of it. (I usually give away 3-5 paperback books in one week-long giveaway. I don’t seem to have the patience to run month-long giveaways like some authors. I’d rather get my books in the hands of new readers ASAP!) This time, I’m actually very happy with the turnout of my recent giveaway. Some quick stats in case you’re … Continue reading Adventures with Goodreads Giveaways