Free Ebooks for Kids to Pass the Time While Social Distancing

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FREE EBOOKS starting today, running Mar. 14-18 to keep the little ones from bouncing off the walls. All but one have AR quizzes!

My teens’ school, in our little part of the world in Southern California, was just closed for a whole month starting today. This includes our spring break so for now, it’s three weeks of distance learning, daily assignments, etc, even though the work won’t take them all day. But while they’re old enough to occupy themselves, this made me think of all those elementary-aged children who will be bouncing off the walls at home. Oh my.

I’ve seen a few other authors doing this and I thought it was a great idea to keep the little ones busy. Load up on reading! So, I’m offering my ebooks (as many as I was able to do, considering their KDP Select enrollment) for FREE for five days, with a few exceptions. Go and grab four of them now and the new book, tomorrow! And please spread the word!

)And consider having your kids write a review for them afterwards – just another way to keep them busy. 🙂 )

Thanks and good luck with all that hunkering down. Even if your school is still open, it’s going to be a long few weeks of staying in, isn’t it? Stay safe and healthy.

Here’s that link again:



    1. Thanks for reblogging and for doing the same, Christine! If the date has passed on my free days, note that 5 out of the 6 in my series are available for free in Kindle Unlimited.


  1. Hello Shana! I enjoyed reading your blog. You have explained everything in detail on your blog. Thanks for giving us a very nice collection of e-books for kids. Keep sharing.

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