Easy Thanksgiving Day Fun for the Kids

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Looking for some ideas to keep the kids busy on Thanksgiving Day? I found a few free printables and some games to share with you. I even checked the links to make sure you don’t have to download any superfluous software just to access them. These are all just simple PDFs or easy directions in the case of the games, and they all look really fun for all ages. Have fun and get busy! Gobble Gobble!

  1. Stuff the Turkey Game, from Kid Friendly Things To Do The perfect game for a Thanksgiving party. Simple instructions. Gives the active ones a way to keep moving!

2. Free Printable Gratitude Game from Happy Go Lucky

Gather the family around and share what you’re thankful for while enjoying a little treat!

3. Thanksgiving Charades, from Birthday Party Ideas 4 Kids

Classic charades, with a holiday twist. Over 50 fun and unique Thanksgiving themed clues. With simple instructions in case it’s been a while since you played Charades…

4. Free Thanksgiving Jokes/Fun Facts Printables, from TeePee Girl

Fun facts and cheesy jokes to get the conversation rolling at the dinner table, or before!

Thank you to the above-mentioned blogs for the games and activities. All photos, printable, games, and ideas are courtesy of and property of the individual named blogs above. Please show these blogs some love and share this post or the post where they originated at the blogs’ addresses above. Thanks. ~Shana

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