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Please welcome children’s author Lillie Sloan. She’ll be discussing her debut novel, Winifred Rose Armstrong: IT Happened, an early chapter book.

A. Hello, Shana, and thanks for allowing me to stop by.

Q. I’m glad you’re here. Would you tell us about yourself?

A. Sure, my name is Lillie Sloan and I’m a children’s fiction author. I’m from South Central Arkansas where I live with my husband and our three grown kids. We’ve been married for 25 years and we have one daughter and two sons. My husband drives a truck and in my day job I work as a substitute teacher.

Q. I’ll bet all that gives you a lot of ideas for your books. So tell us about your work as a writer.

A. (laughs) Yes, probably a lot more than I realize.

I have loved books for as long as I can remember, and I always had very vivid play-dates with my imaginary friends. So around the age of nine, I wrote my first story about some boys building a clubhouse. It was really, really bad (laughs) but I still have it, written on the back of old homework pages. So I guess that would be my writing debut. Things just went from there. I started a creative writing club in my high school, I was on the high school paper staff and I read books and wrote stories all of the time. So fast forward quite a few years and I was a mom and wife and busy with all that brings. Writing had been hit or miss for a while. After a few rejection slips, I had decided to give it up for another career path. But I guess God had other plans and after a long illness, here I am, releasing my first independently published book.

Q. Tell us about that book.

A. So Winifred Rose is probably my favorite character. She’s spunky, she’s outspoken, at least for a five-year-old, and she loves purple. She has a long name in her opinion, but most people just call her Freddie, and that is a story in itself. I gave my daughter the nickname “Fred” when she was younger. Really it was a unique nickname because it doesn’t have anything to do with her name, but it stuck. So Freddie’s story revolves around a new baby in the family, which she refers to as IT.

When my third child was born, my daughter told me to put him back, so when I started thinking about how young children might respond to a new baby, I used those memories. I won’t give the whole story away though. 😉

Meet Winifred Rose Armstrong…Freddie for short. She is a spunky five year old who loves purple, would love to have a dog, and sings as loud as she can. Then IT Happens and she is sure nothing will ever be the same.

Early chapter book
Recommended for ages 4-7.

Q. Where Is Winifred Rose Armstrong: IT Happened available?

A. Amazon (ebook) , Barnes and Noble (paperback), Books a Million (paperback), and of course my website, www.nailscarredbooks.com. Bulk orders are available as well. If you want to follow me on social media for updates, I am available on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads.

Q. Thank you, Lillie, for stopping by today! I wish you great success with your children’s fiction.

A. Thank You for having me!

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