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Just last week I had the pleasure of visiting the great state of Texas–Dallas, to be exact. I knew I was in for a pleasant weekend when I read the words “Howdy, Y’all” across the sliding glass doors of my hotel. I found the landscape to be green and lush, the city to be not only rich in history, but also tidy, modern, and downright gleaming in some places! The people, I found to be friendly, warm, and oh so polite! And the food–well, the food was everything you’ve ever been told it is–absolutely mouthwatering! So I was quite pleased to learn that the author I’d be interviewing this week was, herself, born and raised in Dallas and still living right there in beautiful Texas. Please extend a warm, southern welcome to author S.T. Sanchez today.

Author S.T. Sanchez

Q. Welcome! Can you tell us what kind of children’s books you write?

A. Thanks! I’m so glad to be here. Sure! I write middle grade fantasy books and I have a series in that genre called The Keeper Chronicles. I am also just finishing up my first early chapter book.

Q. Who is your target audience?

A. My target audience for my middle grade books is kids 8 to 12 years old. As an adult I enjoy reading middle grade fiction and I’ve found several lovely series. I especially enjoy reading them out loud to my kids. I’ve also written a few books for the young adult (teen) audience called the Sunwalker Trilogy.

Q. Where did you grow up and where do you live now?

A. I was born in Dallas, Texas and still live in Texas to this day. I love to travel but I will always be a Texan. I am not sure anything could pull me away from here.

Q. What made you decide to write?

A. My grammar has always been horrible. I couldn’t tell you when to use a semicolon vs a comma, and my spelling is atrocious (thank goodness for spell check). I never thought writing was in the cards for me. My first book started out with me just playing around one day. I was bored and just started writing a story, not knowing where I was going with it. I had no outline, no plan. It turned out to be horrible! It will forever be hidden in a drawer, never to see the light of day. But it was the longest thing I had ever written and it really made me start to think about dialog and descriptions and the all of the other things that go into writing.

My second book was better. It’s also hidden away and someday I may go back to it and try and fix it.

My third book was a Young Adult novel, and I did publish it. It’s about vampires and was too scary for my children to read. So I asked them what they wanted me to write about. My young son said he wanted a book with a dragon. So I came up with the idea for The Portal Keeper. It is my first middle grade fiction novel.

The Portal Keeper book cover

Q. Why do you write what you write?

A. So far I have only written fantasy. I love fantasy because anything is possible. The only limit is my imagination. But I do have some other ideas floating around in my head. One in particular is a drama I’d like to work on someday. But first I want to finish The Keeper Chronicles. There will be at least three books in the series, possibly four.

Q. Tell us about your book.

A. The Portal Keeper is the story of a boy, Ajax, who is tasked with guarding a magical portal. No one who has entered the portal has ever returned. The prince comes to visit and through an accident ends up falling through the portal. Ajax must determine if he should follow after him, possibly never to come home again, or risk the wrath of the king. It’s a story about friendship, bravery, and a little bit of magic.

Q. Very intriguing! Were there any personal experiences behind the motivation for this book?

A. Just my kids’ desire to read one of my stories and not be terrified. 😉

Q. What plans do you have for the future in terms of your writing?

A. I am finishing up my young adult vampire series. I just finished my first draft. I also just finished the first draft to the sequel of the portal keeper. I have a half a dozen other stories that are a few chapters in. I jump to them from time to time when I need a break. But my current focus is to finish up my last book in the vampire series and complete The Keeper Chronicles before I dive too far into the other projects.

Web address: authorstsanchez.blogspot.com

The Portal Keeper at Barnes and Noble paperback

The Portal Keeper at Amazon paperback | ebook

“This book was so imaginative and different than other fantasy novels I’ve read. I definitely want to read it to my kids!” ~Amazon Reviewer


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