HOLIDAY BOOKS Yule Be Sorry: An Unconventional Christmas Tale

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Today in my holiday books roundup I’m featuring a middle grade book by British author Clare Allison. Yule Be Sorry: An Unconventional Christmas Tale is for children ages nine and over. It fuses a heart-warming story with adventure, villains and even a topical political undertone, all while remaining festive for the December holidays.

Santa has been banned from Britain by the evil Mrs. Highbourne and her timid, young assistant is sent on a perilous journey to deliver a letter. Meanwhile, Bobby and his family join protests to save the holiday season, smugglers sneak up beaches to foil Mrs. Highbourne’s plans, and the threat of an invasion lurks. It’s unlike anything else on the market, with one critic recently writing, “A must-read book, funny and laugh out loud.”

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“This is such a delightful story, full of hilarious twists and turns. The “baddie” is superb, and the way everyone helps to overcome problems is both heartwarming and cleverly done. It’s an ideal Christmas present. But as it’s not only about Christmas you can easily read and enjoy it at any time of the year…” ~Amazon reviewer

Clare Allison is a writer, illustrator and teacher. She began writing stories when she was still at school and went on to teach English and Art in a secondary school in Lancashire. Later she left teaching to train in psychotherapy and Oriental Medicine and enjoyed many fantastic years working with clients in private practice.  

These days Clare loves writing stories with curious characters and puzzling plots that twist towards unexpected endings, as well as creating fun filled drawings to illustrate her books.

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