Holiday Books: Sniffer’s First Christmas

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Sniffer’s First Christmas is a darling picture book by author Pippa Pennington about a dog who reminds me a bit of Rosco the Rascal, since he’s always getting up to a bit of inadvertent mischief. Check out the adorable illustrations in the sample pages below. She is offering the kindle version for free right now so don’t miss this one! Merry Christmas from Pippa Pennington!

Sniffer’s First Christmas

Sniffer can’t believe how exciting Christmas is. There are delicious mince pies, a tasty turkey, shiny gifts to pull off a tree, and carrots, which were obviously left out for him. So why do Mr and Mrs. Love, Sniffer’s house companions, keep shouting and putting him out in the cold? And what about the strange man who turns up in the middle of the night in a red suit, who also doesn’t seem too pleased with him? All Sniffer wants is to have fun, so why does he always end up in trouble?

Sniffer watched as Mrs Love hung pretty things on the tree. Mrs Love went out of the room. Sniffer went to the tree. Sniff, sniff, sniff. He grabbed one of the pretty things in his mouth and pulled.

Sniffer wagged his tail and ran into the house. Sniffer’s nose went up in the air. Sniff, sniff, sniff. What is that? Something smelled good. He put his paws up to get a better look.

Sniffer heard a noise. What was that? A man dressed in red looked at the empty plate.

 “Looks like my mince pies have been nibbled. Oh no! Look at the reindeer’s carrot.”

“What could be better than a puppy story at Christmas! A wonderful tale with great illustrations…” ~Amazon reviewer


The kindle version is free for a limited time! Get your copy now!


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Pippa Pennington is a primary education teacher who has cared for and fostered over thirty dogs and puppies so far. Sniffer is based on some of these many furry friends. The story of Sniffer originated from original bedtime stories that never reached an end due to all the giggling that ensued upon telling them. There are five books in the series and another due for publication in February 2019. Ms. Pennington shares her time between the coast of Kent, England and the countryside of Casarabonela, in the Andalusia region of Spain.

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