Holiday Books: Princess the Cat Defeats the Emporer

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Welcome back to my holiday books roundup. The next title I’m taking a look at is a chapter book by author John Heaton, who hails from the great state of Illinois. John pens a series for children in grades 3-6, currently in it’s fourth installment, which features a snooty house cat called Princess the Cat. Each of the Princess stories is told ‘straight from the cat’s mouth’, so to speak. And as any cat lover knows, a cat’s perceptions can seem hilariously skewed.

Princess the cat

The snootiest cat, a mysterious new neighbor, and a spy plot…

Princess the Cat Defeats the Emperor is Book 3 in the series and takes place from Thanksgiving through New Year’s day. In the story, Princess discovers that she has a spy in her domain, and worse, she fears the neighboring Emperor is on the attack. Can Princess defeat an enemy with unheard-of powers and strength? Though ideally read in series order, Book 3 can be enjoyed on its own. 

Click here to find Princess the Cat Defeats the Emporer on Amazon

Click here to find Princess the Cat Defeats the Emporer on

The other books in the series are available individually or as a single volume in Princess the Cat: The First Trilogy, which is also available as an audiobook.

Be sure and visit Princess the Cat at John’s web site, where you can subscribe to Princess’ blog:

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