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Greetings, followers, authors, and fellow bloggers,

I’m currently looking for guest bloggers to post here on Rosco’s Reading Room. If you have a post that you’d like to share with my followers, I’d love to see it.

In order for me to consider it, your post must be in some way about children’s books or children’s book authors or illustrators (writing about yourself and your own work is fine if you’re an author/illustrator), or reading/literacy subjects for children presented in some other way. Traditionally and independently published authors are equally welcomed.

Interviews like this one and book reviews are wanted, as are new release book announcements like this one for new books with at least five 3-to-5-star reviews on Amazon or Goodreads. These would contain some highlights of the book along with purchase information.

I’m especially looking for timely seasonal posts (think spring or summer holidays), helpful lists (‘Five Children’s Books for Presidents Day,’ for example), stories about an author’s journey to get to where he/she is in writing or publishing, and lists about any subject matter related to children’s literature. (like this highly viewed post)

Please send me the complete and finished post with a few JPG images to accompany the post (or a link to it if it’s already been published on your blog). Provide image source/attributes. OR, I will post royalty free images that I find myself, from the WordPress Free Image Library or Pixabay.com.

I will read and consider it for publishing and get back to you either way.

I prefer shorter posts (about 700-1400 words) because in my experience, they get read the entire way through in our current day world of ‘information overload’. But I will consider longer posts.

On this blog I feature children’s works from picture books through middle grade. No young adult books/authors please. Posts from anywhere around the world, written for an English-speaking audience, are welcomed.

If you can’t quite figure out what to write about but would still like to be featured, I also have a Featured Author Q&A form that you can fill out instead. Please review a few examples on this blog for more info by scrolling Recent Posts for titles that start with Q&A…

Please send inquiries to me at author@shanagorian dot com.

Happy blogging. Thanks so much!


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