A Beautiful Sight, We’re Happy Tonight

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Hi everyone,

I’m thrilled to announce that my Rosco the Rascal short story about Christmas eve, December Magic, (published 2015), has been picked up by the free, online children’s story site, Storyberries.com. This site sees over a million reads per month so it’s a great way to find new readers to FOLLOW ME IN MERRY MEASURE. I couldn’t be more of a JOLLY, HAPPY SOUL about it. You can read December Magic for free and there’s no signup on the site. It’s good, clean JOLLY OLD SAINT NICHOLAS fun for all ages, roughly a 10-minute read.


Just as exciting is that an audio version of this story will be available on Storyberries.com soon, too! That’s right, you’ll be able to hit ‘Play’ and let the kids listen to the story while you DECK THE HALLS like an elf on ice skates, wrapping presents and baking cookies.

PS. This story has been published before, here on my blog, and is available on Wattpad for those who prefer.

It’s Rosco the German Shepherd’s first Christmas eve with the McKendrick family. What’s that noise coming from the chimney?

It was Rosco’s first Christmas with the McKendrick family. Late in the evening on Christmas Eve, ten-year old James, seven-year-old Mandy, and Mom and Dad McKendrick were all in bed.

Rosco, their large German shepherd, lay near the front door, tossing and turning on his doggie bed. The lights on the Christmas tree had been shut off. The fire in the hearth had burned out. But Rosco was wide awake.

Rosco lay thinking anxiously about what Mandy had told him—that tonight, someone named Santa Claus would be visiting the house while everyone slept. Mandy had instructed her dog not to bark at Santa, because she wouldn’t want Rosco to scare Santa away.”

Read the full story


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