WriterLIFE Update-Orange County Children’s Book Festival

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What a blast I had at the Orange County Children’s Book Festival in Costa Mesa, California last weekend!

Some highlights: First of all, a very, VERY tall man took a selfie of us.

Then, needless to say, there were so many great people at the festivities, (the festival says it usually sees about 25,000 visitors) and so many great authors and booths, so much fun stuff for kids to see and do, and even a free petting zoo, so I was busy all day.

I signed and sold lots of books – and gave out a lot of packages of free candy corn, too. (Sorry, parents, but candy corn is a prize for the scavenger hunt story line in my book!)

Next, I managed to make my onstage debut without forgetting absolutely everything I’d meant to say about myself and my books. (I did forget about half of it under the pressure of a live audience – doh! Should’ve used my notes but I didn’t want to sound like I was reading straight from it…) But I went on to play a rhyming quiz game with kid contestants from the audience, and that went very well. It was fine for me to read the clues from my script. All of the clues described things you’d find in the fall or at a pumpkin patch, and wow, were those kids smart at guessing them.

I could’ve used a lovely assistant, because I fumbled and bumbled a bit holding papers, pictures, and the microphone. I will make sure I have one next time. Also, I haven’t used a microphone many times in my life, so of course I nearly deafened everyone with the mic’s feedback when I stepped too close to the speaker a couple of times (doh, again!) Nevertheless, it was really, really fun and the kids and parents seemed to enjoy it. I know I did! In the end, we made our own pumpkin patch right there on stage.

Thanks for reading! See you next time, and go out and find those local book festivals near you! They’re fun!



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