The 50 States of Fear by E.G. Foley

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Maybe because it’s Memorial Day weekend and these books take a seriously fun, albeit nontraditional look at our United States of America, or maybe because summer reading lists are popping up everywhere, or maybe because my ten-year-old son loves this middle grade series, I wanted to share with you the 50 States of Fear books.

In the great American tradition of the spooky campfire tale, New York Times bestselling author E.G. Foley presents 50 States of Fear, a frightful-but-funny paranormal series for kids, set in all 50 States! From Civil War ghosts in Alabama to weird Wyoming cowboy legends, there’s always something to scream about in Ahhhh!-merica.

The latest in the series is THE DORK AND THE DEATHRAY – ALASKA.

In the remote Alaskan wilderness lies a mysterious, high-tech research facility, home to a massive machine about which countless dark rumors swirl. Conspiracy nuts call it a weather weapon. Some claim it could be a mass mind-control device, while others simply dub it Tesla’s Deathray. Whatever its true purpose, such an invention should never be allowed to fall into the wrong hands—especially those of an evil boy genius bent on becoming the world’s youngest supervillain! Unfortunately, misfit wünderkind, Kelvin Mackowsky, uses trickery to take over the Northern Lights facility, and the chaos begins.

When seventh-grader Gabby Reynolds arrives in Alaska, tagging along with her famous dad to prep for his next wildlife documentary, she finds herself on a collision course with Kelvin, and soon becomes entangled in a life-or-death adventure, where the stakes are nothing less than the entire future of America…

Here’s the book on Amazon: Alaska: The Dork and the Deathray.

Each book is a standalone read, with entirely different characters and plots in each book, as well as the obviously different settings. The books are spooky and entertaining, but are also educational regarding the myths and legends that are prominent in each one’s state. Here’s a quick look at the other three books in the series, to date:

Arkansas: Bringing Home Bigfoot

Alabama: The Haunted Plantation

Colorado: Leader of the Pack

About the Authors

E.G. Foley is the pen name for a husband-and-wife writing team who live in Pennsylvania. “E” is a 7-8th grade teacher of students who regularly use more than 10% of their brains, world traveler, ice cream connoisseur, and martial arts enthusiast. “G” loves big books and small fluffy creatures, and if she hadn’t become a writer, would have pursued a career as either a princess or spy—or possibly both! With millions of copies of her adult novels from Random House and HarperCollins sold in sixteen languages around the world, she has been hitting bestseller lists regularly for the past decade.

You can visit them on the web at and sign up for their newsletter to be notified when their next book is available. E.G. Foley also pens the very popular Harry Potter-esque fantasy series, The Gryphon Chronicles, and you can get three E.G. Foley books for free, including one of the 50 States books, by signing up for their list.

Cover illustrations for the 50 States of Fear are done by artist Josh Addessi.

Thanks for reading! Happy Memorial Day!


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