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Today I’m featuring an entire FAMILY of authors. That’s right! Each member of the family—mom, dad, and both kids—writes and publishes children’s books! Please welcome the delightful Macalino Authors to the Reading Room, from left to right below: Damien, Tonya, Heléna, and Raymond.


Q. Hi everyone! Could you tell us a little bit about yourselves and your books?

A. Hi Shana and thank you for having us! We are a family of authors from the Pacific Northwest. Tonya is supermom/wife by day and fiction author by night. She has 3 adult supernatural fiction books out, a non-fiction soap and lotion making book, and her latest is an elementary-level illustrated chapter book set in our little town of Hillsboro, Oregon.

Raymond is corporate warrior by day and author of children’s picture books by night. He has two picture books out and is working on the third and is the co-boss of our little publishing enterprise. He is also working on an online course covering how to publish picture books.

Damien is a 6th grader now, but he was published when he was in 2nd grade. He has an alphabet picture book as well as a graphic novel series.

Finally, Heléna who is a 4th grader, but also published when she was a 2nd grader, has a fantasy picture book out and an early reader series. Whew! Quite an intro there!

Q. Can you tell us something about your biggest success?

A. Our biggest success so far would have to be the inclusion of Damien and Heléna in a charitable anthology published by SMART (Start Making A Reader Today), a 25-year-old Oregon-based non-profit that brings books and volunteer reader programs to kids. To celebrate their anniversary, they selected 25 local Oregon authors and 25 illustrators to submit an original Oregon-focused story and the kids got selected!

They came up with an original legend explaining how Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens came to be.

They’re the only children authors in the whole book!

The book was published late last year and is carried on several bookstores around Oregon.

Q. What’s been your biggest challenge?

A. Finding opportunities to connect our stories with our readers, for sure. Our collection of books span a wide spectrum of yummy goodness: A picture book with 7 total words that let you use your imagination to tell your own story. A cow with super powers trying to defeat a giant robot. A cast of animal friends making wishes to be someone other than themselves. A couple of kids who go off on an adventure—with the help of neighborhood cats—to defeat a boogeyman. Each of these tales is just waiting to spark a young reader’s imagination—we just have to make sure they find each other!

Q. What plans do you have for the future? 

A. Run off and publish books from the deck of a cruise ship? Nope, didn’t feel that pinch, so we must’ve been dreaming. Actually, we are writing more books—just from home! Damien is working on the 3rd book of his 5 book graphic novel series. Heléna is working on the 3rd book of her 5 book early reader series. Tonya has 9 books to go on her kids book series and Raymond has the outline done of the next book in his picture book series. We’re definitely keeping out of trouble.

Most notably, we have an upcoming release in The Wish Fish Early Reader Series. It’s called The Chipmunk King, and it’s coming this month.

The Chipmunk King
Wishes can be made in the woods! Chippy the Chipmunk has a wonderful life, bounding from tree to tree in the shady woods. When an angry bear crashes into the friends’ campsite, Chippy’s bossy habits keep Squeak, Hopper, and Breeze from listening to his warning.
A frustrated Chippy doesn’t realize nobody knows everything all of the time.
Then he meets the Wish Fish…
Be careful what you wish for!

Q. Where can people keep up with you and buy your books?

A. Our main website is at http://www.macalino.com/

Our Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/TheMacalinoAuthors

Twitter is https://www.twitter.com/macalinoauthors

Pinterest is https://www.pinterest.com/macalinoauthors/

Amazon author links:

Raymond – https://amazon.com/author/raymondmacalino

Damien – https://amazon.com/author/damienmacalino

Heléna – https://amazon.com/author/helenamacalino

Tonya – https://amazon.com/author/tonyamacalino

Tonya has a separate website on her own at http://www.tonyamacalino.com/

If you’d like to keep up with The Macalino Authors and be notified about our new releases, you can download a free copy of Book 1 of our Wish Fish series, The Mouse Bird, by visiting this link: https://instafreebie.com/free/U6WFa

Thanks for joining us today!



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