February Middle Grade Mania

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Greetings and Happy Sunday, folks.
I hope you’ve all had your Coffee /Tea /Newspaper /Cross Fit Workout/ What-Have-You Sunday morning routine by now, because I’ve got something neat to share with you today.

Seventeen things actually.

Kidding!!! I only meant seventeen ebooks.

You see, for the month of February, the seventeen authors on this page are each giving away an ebook for FREE in exchange for your subscription to the individual author’s email list. There’s really no “catch”. These authors, just like myself, are looking for new readers. So they are willing to give you a free sample to win you over. Only the sample is a whole ebook. (Just pretend it’s a Sunday trip to Costco, where free samples double as lunch.)


Each of the books is very different and range in reading level from early middle grade for seven and eight-year-olds to a more advanced level for ages nine to twelve. In short, there’s enough variety for almost any choosy kid or preteen here.

I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of this so I’d love it if you would help me thank the folks involved by giving it a quick look-see. Once again, here’s the GIVEAWAY page.



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