Free Ebook for Groundhog Day

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Just a quick note about a FREE ebook available for Groundhog Day, which is Thurs., Feb. 2!

Download it here:

Children love the idea of celebrating a cuddly looking, furry little creature that either sees his shadow or not and determines the entirety of the winter season after February 2nd. But I know that my son, when he was much, much younger, always had to ask “What is a groundhog, anyway, mom?” (They’re not so often pictured in children’s books as, say, the rabbit or mouse.) So while not technically a book about the story of Groundhog Day, this ebook makes a great addition to your child’s Groundhog Day reading, as it portrays plenty of pictures of the actual animal in the wild. To add to that, it’s coupled with a lovely, educational, and at times humorous story that will capture a child’s imagination about wildlife.

Margot gets an unexpected visit (Nature in Quebec, Pictures of Astonishing Wildlife)

Published by Belgian author and photographer Lieve Snellings, April 2016.

“While I was measuring the snow layer, I suddenly found myself face to face with you. I really panicked,” said Lowieske. “You were staring at me! I was afraid you would bite me. Maybe you don’t like human children?”

A surprising story of a surprising friendship and, above all, an amazing photobook.


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