Tilly & the Tooth Fairy

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Recipe for Tilly & the Tooth Fairy: blend a hint of nostalgia with a dash of modern technology. Churn with attention to detail until it’s a deliciously captivating, beautiful bedtime story!


Tilly & the Tooth Fairy
Written by Brian G. Chambers
Illustrated by Sondra N. Rymer

Tilly & the Tooth Fairy is an enchanting tale featuring a young girl losing her very first tooth! Tilly loses one of her teeth the day before her seventh birthday. Her mum tells her the Tooth Fairy will give her a silver coin for it while she sleeps. Tilly wakes to find the Tooth Fairy at her bedside. Does this mean she won’t get her silver coin, or is there a great surprise for her? A gorgeously illustrated and colorful picture book for young boys and girls, this timeless tale is a wonderful tribute to traditional fairy tale stories.

Tilly and her family lived in a run-down cottage on the outskirts of their village. Like most of the villagers, they were rather poor.

“We shall have to put it under your pillow tonight for the Tooth Fairy. He will leave you a silver coin for it.”

“Hello, Tilly,” said the Tooth Fairy. “I’m sorry I woke you. I usually manage to get in and out of bedrooms without waking anyone.”


Available in HARDCOVER, SOFTCOVER and EBOOK. Published November 2016. Find this book and read its reviews at https://www.amazon.com/dp/0998369705
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