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My Land of Snow’s new cover is finally out, and still in time for Christmas stockings or Kindle-stocking! This is not a story about Christmas, so it makes for a nice post-holiday, cozy read for your children.

If your kids loved Rosco’s adventures at the pumpkin patch or at summer camp, I think they’ll love this wintertime story, too.

Brother and sister James and Mandy are spending a winter vacation with their lively German shepherd, Rosco. Rosco has never experienced snow before and now he will get the chance to romp around in it high in the mountains. The kids will build snowmen and brave a steep sledding hill. But will a mysterious visitor bring trouble? And will Rosco’s curious nature spoil the weekend for the kids, or will it save the day? A heartwarming, family adventure, this Rosco the Rascal tale is the perfect winter reading for your child.

*Recommended for children ages 6+
*Grade level K-3rd
*108 pages

“The fictitious family is a great role model, and the children model forgiveness in a powerful way.”

“The book is filled with light suspense as young readers attempt to guess the identity of the mystery animal.”

“I have seen so many books that I would not let a teen read recommended for children and then I have my faith renewed when an author comes along and writes a very appropriate book for small children. This is a really wonderful read for all children.”

“a well-crafted, character driven story”
~Amazon reviewers

Fans of The Magic Tree House series will love this brother and sister pair, and fans of classic, heroic dogs – from Lassie to Beethoven – will love Rosco.

$5.99 paperback | $1.99 Kindle ebook | FREE on Kindle Unlimited | Free shipping on Amazon Prime

Click here to purchase or read more reviews:

Thanks and happy holidays!



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