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A Very, Very Short Story from Rosco the Rascal

I published a very, very short story about Rosco the Rascal’s Thanksgiving morning at the McKendrick home – for the kids! You can vote for it on Wattpad or Movellas if you’re a member!

Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!


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Thanksgiving Morning
by Shana Gorian 2016. All rights reserved.

It’s late morning on a chilly Thanksgiving day. Mom is busy chopping vegetables in the kitchen. Dad is outside raking leaves and sweeping the back porch. The delicious smell of roasting turkey fills the house.

Although Rosco appears to be napping, he’s really only resting his eyes. Every now and then he lifts his lazy head, sniffs the air, and licks his chops at the wonderful smell of the bird. Ah, what a perfect day, he thinks. I love leftovers.

James and Mandy are busy working on a project for the Thanksgiving table. They’re cutting out pictures and words from magazines of some of the things they are grateful for. They’re going to glue those pictures and words onto large pieces of construction paper and use them at the table as placemats. They do this every year. Mandy can’t wait to show Grandma and Grandpa her placemat later today. When their cousins arrive, they’ll get to make placemats, too.

Mandy already has cut out several pictures, which include a photo of the swings at a playground, a stuffed animal dog, a real dog catching a frisbee in its mouth, a stack of books, a hamburger, an ice cream sundae, and a bicycle. She is searching for more. James has cut out pictures of a soccer ball and a pair of cleats, a dark forest with a stream running through it, a stack of video games, bacon and eggs on a plate, and the words FRIENDS, MUSIC, and DOGS. He continues to leaf through his magazine, also looking for more. Mandy glances at James’ work.

“James, that forest is really neat!” Mandy exclaims. “Where’d you find it?”  James holds up an old edition of a National Geographic magazine. Mandy notices James’ words and looks at her own stack of pictures again, realizing she hasn’t cut out any words yet.

“I’d better start looking for words now. This placemat is going to need more than just pictures.” She flips through a few more pages of her magazine and finds the word FREEDOM, FAMILY and then THANKFUL. “Oh, here we go! Perfect!” She cuts them out and slaps them on the table. “I’m ready for glue now!”


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