Fishing for Turkey by N.A. Cauldron

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Just in time for Thanksgiving, author N.A. Cauldron released a delightful new picture book. And because lately I like to describe books the way most of us describe movies, I’m going with this summary: traditional holiday dinner meets exciting family caper!

Fishing for Turkey
by NA Cauldron. Illustrated by Polina Gortman

All seems well at this holiday feast, but before they can say, “Pass the salt,” a sweeping deluge washes one family’s entire Thanksgiving dinner into the flooded street. It’ll take something pretty crafty to pull this dinner back together again. Can they make it?

With catchy rhythm, lively illustration, and engaging rhymes, the book has a wonderful  Natasha Wing feel to it (well known for The Night Before…series).

Thanksgiving was here.
Round the table we sat
And stared at the turkey
Sweet, juicy, and fat.
A knife in one hand
A fork in the other
Grandma, Grandpa,
Parents, cousins, sister, brother.
Unexpectedly though,
A shadow was cast.
The clouds had turned grey
And were growing big fast!

Then later:

I ran to the window.
Surging waters were nigh.
Our neighbor’s Great Dane – Fido
went swimming by

Still later:

He threw me a pole.
My hook he did clasp.
“Cast to the waters.
We’ve a turkey to catch!”

Available in Kindle, Paperback, and Hardcover formats.
Available on KU for a limited time. Published November 2016.

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Thanks for reading and Happy Thanksgiving!

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