How one year of daily blogging changed my life

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Reblogged from Higher Thoughts blog on Medium, by Jonas Ellison

~Inspirational blog post here on Medium bearing a theme I try to live by: just keep at it and good things will happen!

“A year ago from today, I was creatively dead. Frustrated. Coming off of three years as a freelance copywriter, being the father of an almost two-year-old, and the husband of a wife who was in the throes of starting her own ed consulting business — I was exhausted.

I was taking work as it came in. Hustling, squabbling over rates, and trying to collect on long past-due invoices. I can feel the knots in my stomach to this day.

I had no platform. My personal blog had 30 email subscribers, mostly composed of family and friends. I was burned out. My muchness was gone. I needed to get it back.” Read the full post on Medium

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