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Q&A with Children’s Author NGK

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I’m excited to unveil a new component of my blog, in which I’ll regularly feature Question & Answer Interviews with fellow children’s authors from around the globe. First up is the delightfully personable and unassuming children’s author N.G.K., hailing from the U.K.

Q: Please tell us a little bit about yourself and your books. How long have you been writing? How did you get started?

A: My pen name is NGK, and I live in England. Last year I published Harry The Happy Mouse. I have been writing for a few years, but this is my first published book. I started writing to relax, then a few people read what I’d written and said “you should publish this!”

I have always been fascinated with the ‘Pay It Forward’ idea, where a recipient of a good deed ‘pays it forward’ to someone else. I really wanted to write a story that explains that idea to children. So, Harry the Happy Mouse grew out of that idea.

Summary: Harry The Happy Mouse is a cheerful, traditional story about a Mouse called Harry who lives in the colorful English countryside.
Harry helps a Frog, but asks the Frog to repay the kindness to someone else. We follow the good deed as it moves through other characters, who each selflessly help someone else, making themselves feel happy in the process!
We learn that a little bit of happiness can go a long way!

I also believe we need to ‘practice what we preach’,  so Harry The Happy Mouse is free in a variety of different formats, including Kindle and iBooks. It can be downloaded here: www.harrythehappymouse.com/free

Formats: paperback, Kindle, hardcover, and Audiobook. Also available in Spanish.

In case you missed that – his ebook is permanently free(what?!), so go get it here: http://harrythehappymouse.com/home/buy


Q: Tell us something about your greatest success, and your latest success.

A: I have to say my greatest success is being able to work with the very talented Janelle Dimmett. Picture books live or die on the strength of their illustrations, and I continue to be amazed at Janelle’s artwork. I’m really proud of the amazing reviews we’ve received. I’m also really excited about our next book together!

Q: What has been your biggest challenge? Please explain.

A: I love promoting books. Besides my day job, (I own a marketing company,) I run a book promotion site for readers and writers called i love bookz where I promote others’ work as well as my own. Authors can submit their books here at no charge.

So with all that going on, my biggest challenge is getting back to writing. I feel like I’m neglecting ‘Harry’. Actually sitting down and getting on with the words takes a lot of discipline.


Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Janelle and I are currently working on our next book, which we’re hoping to have out in the first half of 2016. I’m so excited about this book. It’s going to look very different to ‘Harry’! You can find me on social media to learn about my next book’s release.


Also visit this site and scroll down for Harry’s free coloring and activity pages: http://harrythehappymouse.com/

Thanks for reading!


If you would like to be considered for a featured author guest spot here, please send your name and/or book’s title to author@shanagorian.com

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